Last post by Mrs Lomas

Thank you, everyone, for making my last week at Savile Park so very special. Thank you for all my amazing gifts; as I opened each and every one of them, I thought about the child and family and had lovely memories of all of you. Your tender words will stay in my heart forever.

I’ve been very blessed in my life in so many ways and my headship at Savile Park is no exception: I’ve been so lucky to have such wonderful children, families, staff and governors and the last 12 years have been fantastic.

But I have no regrets as I move on as I know that I am doing the right thing (I’m just a little anxious as people revel in telling me stories of the infamous ‘Delhi Belly!!). I will keep in touch via Facebook, details of which I’ll send to school when I’ve set it up properly. And, as I said on the last day, I know that Savile Park is in magnificent hands now and will go from strength to strength under the leadership of Jane Boylan – I wish you all the very, very best for the future.

Everyone has always been so kind to me and I know you’ve cared about not just me but my whole family as well. Lots of you have been asking about Sam’s (my son) wedding, so it seems fit that I end with some images of his big day with Kate, my lovely new daughter-in-law, last Saturday. Families, especially your children, are the most precious things of all; enjoy the future with yours.


mum and boys

Me with my two sons and husband before we left for the church.


hester and kate

My beautiful daughter (Miss Lomas, Reception at Moorfield teacher)  and new daughter-in-law.


sam and kate

The new Mr and Mrs Lomas

sam and kate romonatic

Have a happy holiday.

Much love from Karen x


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Last day

Well, I knew I’d be all emotional this week and I am. I managed to prepare myself for my assembly on Wednesday and no major tears there because I’d given myself a good talking to but you all keep catching me out with tender words and hugs that ooze love. I’m going to blog  after today and express everything properly then. I’m not ignoring you and your kindness, I’m just a bit ‘wibbly’. Have a great day today and I’ll see you this afternoon.

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Penultimate week musings

Sorry, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t had time to blog recently. Why is it that even though I knew 6 months ago that I was leaving I’m here a the end with tons and tons still to do?! Nonetheless, I’m just trying to enjoy all the marvellous things that are happening at school. And one of my favourites has to be the ‘Race for Life’ yesterday. It was great to see EVERYONE managing to run round the moor with children supporting each other and encouraging their friends, some mums and dads setting a really good example by going round too and a great spirit of togetherness. Thank you to Mrs Fitzpatrick for such a good idea; we had all wanted to do something for Cancer Research and this was a perfect solution. Let’s make it even better by getting lots and lots of money to send to the charity.

You do know that I will be terrible next week – my tissues are already stocked up. I cried yesterday when Sufiyan in Reception managed to run over the finishing line (oops, I’m welling up when I type this! 🙂 ), so I hate to think what I’ll be like when I have to say goodbye. So, just for the time being, I’m going to bury my head in the sand and work really, really hard and not think about it.

I’ll blog again next week before I go.


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100_5432 (2)

Class 4 at Skipton Castle


Class 2 at St Anne’s


There are lots of trips going out at the moment: they are such an important and memorable part of a child’s education. These photographs make my heart sing and there are lots more in school from all the different classes. Long may they continue in this world of increased pressure for children.


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Head and shoulder massage

Oh my goodness; I could just fall asleep. I’ve had a really demanding day supporting another school (nicely demanding but I had to be really on the ball) and then I came back to Savile Park to catch up with lots of things here. Imagine my joy, then, when I was offered a head and shoulder massage by Gail who had come into school to offer this service to parents. WOW! it is absolutely wonderful. I feel really relaxed and I’m not a fan of massages, as a rule. So, please take advantage of this opportunity whilst it is there. Gail is available next Monday after school in the conference room – do go along and have a free head and shoulder massage. See you there.

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We’re so, so sorry…

Isaaq (3) and his sister Hajra (1) decorated amazing cakes for the Right Royal Bake Off. They handed them in on time and they came up to the judging room. Unfortunately, that’s where it all went wrong. 🙁  Isaaq and Hajra’s mum had very carefully put the cakes in Tesco boxes to keep them safe; sadly, when the judges saw the boxes, they thought that they just contained bought cakes that weren’t part of the competition – I’m so sorry that we didn’t look in the boxes because then we would have seen the magnificent cakes inside! What a silly sausage I am!

Isaaq and Hajra came to see me today and we had a ‘Right Royal Cake Hunt’ and there they were in the Rainbow Room. But all’s well that ends well: Hajra and Isaaq’s classes are going to enjoy a special cake all to themselves today; the children are getting a very special mention here and I’ll go out and get another prize and certificate for them tonight. I’m so sorry, Hajra and Isaaq. Well done!

Look at how great the cakes were:-


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What a talented bunch you are! The Right Royal Bake Off Winners

IMAG0692                    IMAG0693          IMAG0690           IMAG0691               IMAG0696


IMAG0695           IMAG0689  IMAG0688

IMAG0686        IMAG0685   jitesh and parvesh



IMAG0684       IMAG0683      IMAG0694


image2    and these buns are from Maryam, 1 @H.

I was soooooooo impressed, as were the other judges, with the standard of the cakes made for our Right Royal Bake Off that we have decided to award prizes to each and every one of our contestants as they are all ROYALLY MAGNIFICENT. Well done, everyone – prizes will be coming next week now (as I’ll have to go out and buy more!).

I’m sure all the children will really enjoy eating them tomorrow as well.

Thank you – you are amazing 🙂


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The Queen’s Birthday

How are your cakes/buns coming along for the Right Royal Bake Off next week? Half term, especially on a grey day like today, seems an ideal time to get designing and cooking.

Also, would you like to go over the words of the national anthem with your children. I’m going to use the Youtube version (British national anthem – for the 1st Framwellgate Moor Scouts Group) as this has the lyrics in a karaoke style for the children to follow. We’re just going to stick to the first verse. Don’t worry if you can’t as I’m doing it in assembly next week.

The children are all going to wear red, white or blue next Friday – and I’m more than happy for them to wear jeans for the blue bit if you’d like them to.

Hope you’re having a good holiday.

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New headteacher

Our wonderful governors worked so hard last Thursday and Friday to recruit the new headteacher for Savile Park; I’m sure we’d all like to send out thanks to them for their dedication and wisdom. Please find below a letter for everyone from the governing body which will tell you the exciting news.

Dear Parents/Carers

As you are aware, the Governors of Savile Park School have been working with our School Advisors and the Local Authority to recruit a new Head Teacher following Mrs Lomas’ decision to go to Nepal at the end of this school year.

It has been a lengthy process and one that has been approached with great care to ensure that the selected candidate is the right person to carry on the outstanding work that our school has become known for over the years.

Following a second two day selection process, which consisted of observed activities, written tasks, meeting staff and children and a series of interviews, I am delighted to say that Mrs Jane Boylan has been selected for the post.

Mrs Boylan is currently a Deputy Head at a school in another area and over the bank holiday weekend it has been confirmed that she can be released from that post allowing her to take up the position of Head Teacher at Savile Park in September, the start of the next school year.

The Governors have confirmed her appointment and have pleasure in welcoming her to our school and to working closely with her for many years to come.

Ken Robertshaw

Vice Chairman

Chair of Interviewing Panel

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Celebration Assembly this Friday

We’re not having a Celebration Assembly this Friday (27th May) as we’ve got a visiting artist working with the children and we want to let as many children as possible have a chance to have a go. Also (exciting!), quite a few of the staff and governors are involved in the appointment of the new headteacher.  I’ll let you know who it is as soon as I can :). And finally, Year 6 are off to Robinwood this morning so they won’t be here either.

Have a brilliant holiday next week – let’s hope the sun shines. I think I may be in my back garden all week looking at the state of the weeds!

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